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Here are free downloads of piano accompaniments for duets for Viola and Piano in MP3 format.

These recordings were made in my living room for my own personal study, using higher class amateur recording equipment. They are in fairly high quality MP3 format.

Please note that I am not a professional pianist, so don't expect international concert standard. But the recordings are quite good enough for study purposes or just for having good fun.

I make these files freely available at no cost. They are not intended - or suitable - for commercial use.

You can make a CD from these files if you wish. Most newer CD-players will play a CD with MP3 files. Alternatively you can convert them to another format (WAV, for example) and then make the CD. There are several free programs available in the internet to convert music file formats and to 'burn' CD-R's.

The contents:


My piano is tuned to a' = 440 Herz.

Description File name
The note A for tuning your viola Kammerton-A.mp3

Kalliwoda, 6 Nocturnes opus 186, for Viola and Piano .

The sheet music is available as Peters Edition No. 2104.

Description File name Tempo
Movement 1, Larghetto kalliwoda-op186-1-v72.mp3 Quarter-note/crotchet = 72
kalliwoda-op186-1-v84.mp3 Quarter-note/crotchet = 84
kalliwoda-op186-1-v96.mp3 Quarter-note/crotchet = 96
Movement 2, Allegretto, ma un poco vivo kalliwoda-op186-2-pv40.mp3 Dotted quarter-note/crotchet = 40
kalliwoda-op186-2-pv50.mp3 Dotted quarter-note/crotchet = 50
Movement 3, Poco Adagio kalliwoda-op186-3-v60.mp3 Quarter-note/crotchet = 60
kalliwoda-op186-3-v69.mp3 Quarter-note/crotchet = 69
kalliwoda-op186-3-v80.mp3 Quarter-note/crotchet = 80
Movement 4, Allegretto, ma un poco vivo kalliwoda-op186-4-pv66.mp3 Dotted quarter-note/crotchet = 66
Movement 5, Adagio con molta esspressione kalliwoda-op186-5-v60.mp3 Quarter-note/crotchet = 60
Movement 6, Allegro moderato kalliwoda-op186-6-v72.mp3 Quarter-note/crotchet = 72
kalliwoda-op186-6-v80.mp3 Quarter-note/crotchet = 80
kalliwoda-op186-6-v92.mp3 Quarter-note/crotchet = 92
kalliwoda-op186-6-v104.mp3 Quarter-note/crotchet = 104

Glasunow, Elegy opus 44, for Viola and Piano .

The sheet music is available as Belaieff No. 200. Alternatively you can download an older edition from imslp.org.

Description File name Tempo
Elegy, Allegretto glasunow-op44-60.mp3 Dotted quarter-note/crotchet = 60
glasunow-op44-66.mp3 Dotted quarter-note/crotchet = 66
glasunow-op44-72.mp3 Dotted quarter-note/crotchet = 72

The sheet music I used specifies tempo 72 which may or may not be from the composer. For me it fits in quite well with "Allegretto", although "Allegretto" seeems to me to be a rather unusual attribute for an elegy.

Schubert, Arpeggione Sonata D821 .

Description File name Tempo
1. Allegro Moderato schubert-arpeggione-1-80.mp3 Quarter-note/crotchet = 80
schubert-arpeggione-1-100.mp3 Quarter-note/crotchet = 100
2. Adagio schubert-arpeggione-2-50.mp3 Quarter-note/crotchet = 50
3. Allegretto schubert-arpeggione-3-80.mp3 Quarter-note/crotchet = 80
schubert-arpeggione-3-100.mp3 Quarter-note/crotchet = 100
schubert-arpeggione-3-120.mp3 Quarter-note/crotchet = 120

I have ignored all tempo changes, keeping strictly to the metronome.

Not all versions of the various publications of this music are identical; it is worth consulting a facsimile of Schuberts original manuscript to understand why; a copy of the facsimile can be found at International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP) / Petrucci Library .

Schumann, Märchenbilder (Fairy-Tale Pictures) opus 113, for Piano and Viola .

The sheet music I used is available as Henle No. 632.

Description File name Tempo
Märchenbilder, I. Nicht schnell (not fast) schumann-op113-I-50.mp3 Quarter-note/crotchet = 50
schumann-op113-I-60.mp3 Quarter-note/crotchet = 60
schumann-op113-I-69.mp3 Quarter-note/crotchet = 69
schumann-op113-I-80.mp3 Quarter-note/crotchet = 80
schumann-op113-I-88.mp3 Quarter-note/crotchet = 88
Märchenbilder, II. Lebhaft (lively)
See the notes below
schumann-op113-II-60.mp3 Quarter-note/crotchet = 60
schumann-op113-II-72.mp3 Quarter-note/crotchet = 72
schumann-op113-II-80.mp3 Quarter-note/crotchet = 80
schumann-op113-II-92.mp3 Quarter-note/crotchet = 92
schumann-op113-II-100.mp3 Quarter-note/crotchet = 100
schumann-op113-II-108.mp3 Quarter-note/crotchet = 108
Märchenbilder, III., Rasch (fast) schumann-op113-III-100.mp3 Eighth-note/quaver = 100
schumann-op113-III-118.mp3 Eighth-note/quaver = 118
schumann-op113-III-132.mp3 Eighth-note/quaver = 132
schumann-op113-III-152.mp3 Eighth-note/quaver = 152
schumann-op113-III-176.mp3 Eighth-note/quaver = 176
Märchenbilder, IV.
Langsam, mit melancholischem Ausdruck
(slow, with melancholy expression)
schumann-op113-IV-60.mp3 Eighth-note/quaver = 60
schumann-op113-IV-69.mp3 Eighth-note/quaver = 69
schumann-op113-IV-80.mp3 Eighth-note/quaver = 80

Some notes on the recordings of Schumann Opus 113: